Construction Safety Kids Game

NextGen Video Series

Episode 1 - Fault in the Fourth

  • Fault in the Fourth! How do you avoid becoming the person who takes out the cable service during the fourth quarter? It’s easier than ordering pizza before the big game.
  • Learn more by checking out our new animated graphic novel NextGen video series. New videos dropping weekly, stay tuned!

NextGen Video Series

Episode 2 - Taylor the Excavator

  • A big part of excavation is knowing where to dig without damaging underground utility lines. And that means contacting 811. But what exactly is excavation, anyway?
  • A short comic style animation video that teaches viewers about safe excavation and the benefits of a career in the trades.

NextGen Video Series

Episode 3 - Adeena the Agent

  • You’ve heard that you need to submit an 811 locate request anytime you’re planning to dig. So you might be wondering: What actually happens when you contact 811? Who answers your phone call or looks at your request once you submit it
  • Not to worry! Agent Adeena can help us out! Watch the video and learn more about it.

More NextGen Trainings

Kansas 811 eLEARNING

Kansas 811 Damage Prevention Awareness Training. This FREE online training program is intended to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to help you safely manage and execute excavation activities near facilities in the state of Kansas.

You will learn about Kansas specific excavation laws and regulations as well as industry best practices proven to reduce accidental damages, accidents and injuries while working near facilities. The training program is fully responsive, mobile friendly and can be completed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device**.

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